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Have you ever been to Wilmington for donuts?
Seoul American High School - 서울 (Seoul) 서울 특별시 (Seoul Teukbyeolsi) KR (2003 - 2007)
New York University - New York NY (2007 present)
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abstinence, acceptance, ambisexuality, animals, anti-war, art history, being single, biology, books, bradbury, buddhism, cake, cars, chest bursters, chimichangas, chocolate, christianity, classic rock, comic books, comics, conservatives, cookies, cooking, education, environmental awareness, etymology, everything, fandom, fandom wank, feminism, food, foriegn countries, fun, funk, funny stuff, goodwill towards men, graphic novels, gundam wing, harry potter, harvey birdman, hinduism, hip hop, history, humor, intelligence, interesting things, international relations, islam, judaism, learning, liberals, life, linguistics, livejournal, love, men, model united nations, moon, mun, music, mythology, new york, north korea, nyu, outdoorsy stuff, pansexuality, peace, people who don't suck, photography, politics, r&b, rar! warrior!, reading, religion, rock, sapiosexuality, shakespeare, snark, south korea, stars, sweets, the human brain, thinking, tolerance, travel,,, voltaire, vonnegut, war, webcomics, wit, women, writing, xenophiles
Hello. I'll be honest, I don't post much in this journal. I'm in it mostly for the communities, which is where that comment count comes from. OPINIONS, I HAVE THEM. Just... not in this particular area.

However, I friend quite a few individual people, but then never post in their journals because that level of interpersonal interaction over the internet makes me nervous. Is that creepy? I'm sorry if that's creepy. Please, rest assured, that if you happen to randomly notice that I friended you: I am not a crazy stalker, just a fan of your writing/art/opinions/etc.

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